Traffic Accidents


Negotiations for Out-Of-Court Settlement and Litigation

– Insurance carriers offer compensation to settle any case out of court based on their own payment criteria. If you accept the amount offered by an insurance carrier and proceed with an out-of-court settlement, you may suffer a substantial disadvantage.

– I will carefully consider an out-of-court settlement proposed by an insurance carrier, raise objections as to unreasonable parts of any proposal, and proceed with an out-of-court settlement based on court criteria. As a result, an increase in compensation can be expected.

– Furthermore, when your insurance policy contains a special provision regarding coverage for attorney fees, etc., you can in principle request the relevant services at no cost to you.

– I see many traffic accident cases where foreign nationals cannot insist on their rights due to a language barrier and insurance carriers take advantage of this and unilaterally proceed with negotiations. In an extreme case, the victim who would otherwise have been compensated for damages, on the contrary, received a claim for compensation for damages. It is especially recommended that victims of traffic accidents consult a lawyer as soon as possible. I will not charge any fees for legal consultation services requested by any victim of a traffic accident.