Greeting Message


I provide services mainly in the field of international maritime cases and dispute resolution arising out of international business transactions. However, I have seen foreign nationals in Japan who have been put in legally disadvantageous positions due to inability to speak the Japanese language and lack of knowledge about Japanese customs and laws. That is why I would like to offer my expertise and assist people who may need help coping with legal matters and provide legal services to individual clients.

      I have experienced life as a foreign national in many countries and cities around the world including Bogotá, Colombia, Antigua, Guatemala, Jundiaí and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cebu, Philippines, and Haerbin and Shanghai, China. From my life experiences, my eagerness and sense of responsibility to protect the rights of foreign nationals is stronger than others. In addition to the Japanese language, I can provide legal services in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.


      I am ready to go literally to any part of the world when such travel is necessary for an investigation of facts and legal negotiations.