Divorce Matters


Negotiations for Out-Of-Court Settlements, Mediation and Litigation

– Your partner’s infidelity or adultery has been revealed and you would like to claim compensation for mental suffering. Your infidelity or adultery has been revealed and you have received a claim for an unreasonably high amount of compensation for mental suffering.

– Problems between men and women tend to be difficult to resolve through negotiations because they are more likely to become emotional. In such a case, when an attorney acts as an in-between, they can proceed with negotiations in a calm manner.

– Putting myself in the position of each client, I will propose a solution that is best suited for each client, such as negotiations for an out-of-court settlement, mediation, litigation, etc.

– In the case of foreign nationals, divorce matters require knowledge about private international law in most cases. The attorneys of this office, who are familiar with private international law and negotiations in foreign languages, will take charge of divorce matters.