Civil Cases


Negotiations, Mediation and Litigation

– The debtor does not repay the money borrowed from you. The buyer does not pay the price of goods sold by you. The other party does not perform the agreement with you.

– The lessee does not surrender the premises even after the termination of a lease agreement. The lessor does not refund the security deposit at all for an unreasonable reason.

– As a matter of society, it is indispensable to execute agreements; however, you may be involved in an unexpected legal problem.

– In order to protect the proper interests of clients, I will propose a solution that is best suited for each client, such as negotiations for an out-of-court settlement, mediation, litigation, etc.

– Foreign nationals are often put in a very disadvantageous position due to inability to speak the Japanese language and lack of knowledge about Japanese customs and laws. Many of the problems faced by foreign nationals can be solved by hiring a lawyer, so please feel free to consult me.